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released April 24, 2015

Produced by Traces Of You.
Recorded and mixed in October 2014 by Marco Gervasio @ Effort Studio, Milan.
Mastered by Jamie King @ The Basement Recording Studio, Winston-Salem, North Carolina (USA).
All songs written and performed by Traces Of You.
All lyrics by Simo Putzu.


tags: hardcore metal


all rights reserved
You're under a veil
of deceptions and fantasies
as I want to contemplate
everything with soul eyes
and penetrate the essence of Love
beyond the perils of ego quicksand
I feel so deeply my commitment to devotion
Nothing can spoil my spirit

Real Knowledge is bliss
Ignorance is a sin
You can choose to take off or sink

Stop deceiving ourselves
I struggle hard to free myself

You've concealed reality
That's why you've no faith
With your misconceptions
You're only digging your own grave
Track Name: AT ANY COST
It's demoralizing to see everything corrupted
Nothing here can really satisfy my heart
We're infected, with polluted minds
Actions and words don't purify our lives
We're in the grip of the wrongness

We need to rescue our consciousness
Purify it now AT ANY COST
My heart is yearning for completeness
Nothing can stop it
I'll insist

Everything here is mortal
I feel in the heart that nothing is mine
I scream above this echo of sorrow
I don't let the misery of this world enter my veins

I won't sell my soul
to the misery of this world
I pray to get the strength to
not compromise my ideals
And rid myself of all temptations
Everything seems to be collapsing
We are bottoming out
We cast alive into a vortex of decline
We chose to turn our back
thinking to get the command of this world
and now you claim your delirium prevails

Nothing here can warm our cold life
We're like sparks lost in the darkness
We'll die apart from our fire

There's a mad war going on in this world
It's the war inside yourself
You're spreading your virus of decadence
I fight back to stay immune
I won't back off
I will find out my true colors

Your emptiness is your plague
You can not fill it
You're defeated in life
Inept in making peace with your mind

I'm not stuck in your downward trend
I'm into the deep furrow
where love and awareness dwell

I'll stay immune to your insanity
I only trust my true colors
Morning light replaces darkness
I can see clearly now
The sun has settled on my soul
and healed my sight
I've got the strength
to face black shadows inside

We must grow with each day
Overcome the trials of faith
Endure every strain
We can't be defeated

I try to forge me for the highest things
I'm between hammer and anvil
I search the world of Truth
The pathway to conquer Myself

We must grow with each day
Always fight in the trials of faith
If we stand grounded in Love
We can't be defeated

OVERCOME the trials of faith
ALWAYS FIGHT in the trials of faith
OVERCOME the trials of faith
Always fight!
Track Name: EVOLVE!
You're filling my eyes with death
You made this world
a place of torments for your whims
It's time to stop your depravity
You've no regard for the pain
that your actions bring

We must fill our life with virtues
Don't miss the chance to evolve!
Don't mind if the humanity around us
is doomed to get lost


Face down in endless ignorance
You've saturated your life with selfishness
You've lost respect for the innocence
Genocide of souls in the death camps
And I can feel the moan

You're abusing
You're killing
You want to dominate
No empathy and compassion,
you want to overwhelm
I refuse to turn my back
I can't choke my dissent

There will be a cure for your heart of stone

I lose something everyday
What's best for me now can't wait
It's time to questioning myself
I must crush these demons of ignorance
that force me to procrastinate

The more I try to get the most out of this world
The more I become frustrated, deluded.

I Stop living a life of lies
I've got a ritual to place new steps of change
I let the qualities of the soul shine
I let them become my own life

I try to remember who I really am
by forgetting what have been told me to be

I try to decrease my inclinations towards ruin
I try to hush my ego conceit
to give birth again to my inner dreams
Realization and bliss

Please allow me to always keep you in my heart
I'm in the battlefield
with what stops me from being free!
I reject your culture of annulment
I've no interest in what it offers
Self-destructive attitude, mass negative pressure
Stop placing guillotines above our heads

I feel this urgency pushing from my deep
Now it’s time for a change, A CHANGE OF HEART
We can't live with this spiritual poorness
We must unearth the sense of life

I see the blind leading the blind
and the trouble is they hold tight all their defects
They're trapped in their small life with no aspirations
Tormented by soul-ego lacerations
Imprisoned minds in endless sad mediocrity
I'm not interested in wasting my life
from cradle to the grave

Our choices forge us
A choice of evolution is a victory
I reject your culture
I choose to win
Track Name: X
Hell is real
I've been there
to see clearly what I don't wanna become
Lessons learned (at every step)
as this world tries to set us on the ropes

I've built a fortress of beliefs
Introspection to improve my conduct
I'll pray to never lose my sense of direction

I gave up with your artificial happiness
To focus on my real self
and reach for something higher

Strong convictions as my lifestyle
I've got a brain to realize
that everything you propose to me
is a life I detest

Your concept of freedom is degeneration
Pure degradation
I'm not into this escalation of walking dead
looking for some attention

I'm here to live every experience
for a real betterment
I refuse the standardized sad self
you've packed for me
You want to suppress my freewill
but I'm blessed to have my own thought
I don't need your acceptance
I don't expect that you understand
Never surrender!
When my fatigue tears my flesh apart
As my mind makes me stumble
and when my eyes are burning pride
You see my efforts (even) when they are ignored
So disappointment can't depress me
I perceive I'm something more
than this sneaky
trap for my soul

I felt the burdens
when my senses failed
and I blamed you
for stabbing me in the back
But the knife was mine
I was lost in life
Alibis were building barriers
A cold separation from where I belong

I promised to keep myself out

of the celebration of banalities
Everything here has the weight of nothing
I won't be part of this world insanity
I call out
for my true shelter
in every moment I lose a part of me

In everything I do
I give my life with dedication
I forge myself everyday
with all the strength I have
Expand the light
Work with my true shine
No shadows to fight with
I don't let my hopes go down
the drain
I'm not a ranting dreamer, I'm stubborn
Even on my final breath
I'll want to serve the Truth!

I try to keep my balance

between these world triumphs and tragedies
I don't let this world bring me down
I'm just here to offer the best of me

Nothing will break me!
Never surrender!
If you give up now,
you'll give up until the day you'll die.
Track Name: UNBROKEN
You think my convictions are worthless
You say my faith is a crutch
but we'll see in the end
Who will be preying on their knees
You're convinced I'm afraid of this world
A stagnant cold PREJUDICE
But not to fit in this world means not weakness

You put yourself on a throne
to tell everyone what's right or wrong

My strength came when my heart
started beating for something divine
To pray is my attitude
and my best defense
I'll stay forever out of step

You can't break my spirit
My faith is unbroken
You can deride my devotion
You can insult my God
You've no respect
But my faith is unbroken